All Hampshire Archies Trust Members are registered users on this website and so should be able to log in. Some may have lost their details or may have never logged in before and so do not know their login details. In this situation please simply trigger a password reset here using, when prompted, the email address associated with your Membership. If you do not know what email address is associated with your Membership then please check with the Membership Secretary mem.sec@hampshirearchivestrust.co.uk

Trying to add an event? You can do this by logging in below which will take you to the Member’s Dashboard, then selecting the events tab which is to the right of the ‘payments’ tab and then clicking on the ‘add new’ button. This will only be available to those that have ‘event organiser’ permission. If you would like this permission so that you too can add events to the HAT website then simply contact  the Membership Secretary via our contact form.

Request a Password Reset