The primary purposes for which the Trust is established are to promote the conservation and preservation of archives for the benefit of the public and to advance public education on matters connected with archives. One of the main ways in which we do this is by providing funds by way of grants so that local history projects can be progressed. The success rate for applications has been high so don’t hesitate to contact us about a project that you would like our support for. We will help guide you on any application. 

Small grant applications are considered by the Grants Committee every two to three weeks and Main Grants are considered every six months although there is scope for an extraordinary meeting to consider an ’emergency’ application. Main  grant deadlines are 30 June and 30 December each year

Grants Criteria

Grant applications are judged on the extent to which they meet one or more of the following five eligibility criteria although considerably more detail is expected for main and emergency grants (between £500 and £10,000) than for Small Grants (up to £500). 

  • Preservation of Hampshire archives for public benefit.
  • Display of archives for public benefit.
  • Encouragement of the wider knowledge of and understanding of archives.
  • Promotion of research into and the publication of archival material.
  • Support project or event linked to archive collections.

how could you use a grant?

The HAT has funded local groups and individual projects as well as projects set up by larger organisations.  Perhaps you’ve found recorded materials, photographs or legal documents with great local historical value or maybe you’d like to create an educational resource for young people. There are lots of examples of projects that the HAT has funded shown below and which could help to give you some ideas. You can download the main grants application form and the small grants application form. If you are not at that stage yet but would like some feedback on an idea/proposal then by all means complete our Grants Enquiry form and we’ll give you the guidance you need to make an application.

What some of our grant recipients have to say

Watch this short film to find out about some of the grants Hampshire Archives Trust has recently given to help preserve and use valuable archives in Hampshire, and what that has meant to the organisations, large and small, who have benefited from the grants, then click on the links below. In the film films below, some of our many grant recipients talk about the process of applying for a grant and how they were able to use their grant: from helping to purchase important archives to preserve them and make them available for future generations, to helping to publish local history books and even the early history of skateboarding. Full-length video also available. 


Grants - Access to archives
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