2020 AGM Held on line


This first attempt at holding an AGM online resulted from the restrictions on public gatherings as necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic. It proved to be an effective substitute but of course without the social element of simply chatting to fellow members. Numbers vary on attendance at AGM’s – very much dependent on location and sometimes the weather! The average is about 30 and that’s what we had at this meeting. A couple of talks were incorporated to entertain which they did admirably.

If you weren’t able to attend or want to see and hear the talks again you can as we recorded the meeting. We are grateful to our President and Lord Lieutenant Nigel Atkinson who presided.

You can see the papersincluding the agenda, as circulated to members before the meeting.

The draft minutes are shared here so you can see the decisions reached, these cannot be final until they are approved at next year’s AGM.

You can see the video of the AGM below

The talk by Bill Fergie on the grant project to produce a book about the Traditional Houses of the Worthy Villages can be accessed HERE

Talk by David Rymill on the Archives of Highclere Castle can be accessed HERE

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