‘How To Use Archives’ guides for students


Here are some new, free, easy-to-use guides for both students and teachers with helpful advice on how to use archives in your research.

These guides will help you if you are doing research into your family, school or college, village, or town history, or if you are researching the history of your house or local buildings. They give you helpful tips on how to go about your research, together with links to useful websites that can help you with your search for relevant and useful information. They will help to point you towards useful resources and contain helpful tips on what questions to ask yourself and how best to approach your project.

Click on one of the links below to access the relevant guide:


These guides will be particularly useful for students researching projects for our schools’ competition. You will find more information about the competition and the prizes that can be won in the Education section of our website.

Good luck with your research and enjoy becoming a history detective!

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