A booklet celebrating 300 years of Bevois Mount, Southampton 1723-2023

Bevois Mount 1723-2023

Bevois Mount History is a group of residents who have been researching the history of their area for the past ten years.

HAT has awarded £340 towards the production of a booklet with pupils in the local primary school and groups helped by a local church, who do not always have English as their first language, in mind. The booklets will be distributed to them and followed up with a presentation at the school.

Bevois Mount is close to the centre of the city of Southampton and yet far enough out to have been chosen by an aristocrat to form the first of many country estates which would create a circle around the original walled town close to the Itchen.

The group aim to raise the profile of Bevois Mount by improving awareness of the area’s rich history not only for long-term residents but also for more transitory residents like the student population. This is done by commissioning and painting murals and placing plaques on buildings with notable connections. The group do talks, guided walks and have self-published books.

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