National Motor Museum Trust


The Motoring Archives represent a variety of records illustrative of motoring history.

Material is held in support of the National Motor Museum’s wider collections, as well as providing a rich resource for the Motoring Research Service. The archives are largely paper based and include material relating to business, trade associations, and personalities. There are approximately 300 collections, an estimated 100,000 items housed in over 1,000 boxes, equating to 24 cubic meters.

Cataloguing work is ongoing; a partially complete catalogue, listing several key collections held by the Motoring Archives, can be found on the Archives Hub, a national online database for archival collections.

For further information please contact the National Motor Museum Trust.

The National Motor Museum Trust Limited is a charitable organisation founded in 1972, which runs the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu. Continuing the work of the flagship Montagu Motor Museum, the Trust has a world famous collection of vehicles and associated motoring items, which are on display in the National Motor Museum.

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