Himsworth’s Indexes

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The indexes at the back of the volumes of Himsworth are very extensive: 89 pages in Vol.I and 394 pages in Volume III (covering vols II and III). A note explains that the index “is not an index to the main text of [the] volume, but to the equivalent numbers … in the Descriptive List prepared for the National Register of Archives”. 

To give an example: in the index of Himsworth, Vol. I, one finds “Rolfe, Richard, cathedral chorister, 30575”. On page 84 is the entry “30572-30603…PAYMENTS TO CATHEDRAL CHORISTERS names given” – but the name of Rolfe is not in the Himsworth catalogue, but it is in the appropriate volume of the NRA work, which may be consulted at the college and also at the Hampshire Record Office (HRO/COPY/773) and elsewhere.

Also it should be noted that finding a particular catalogue number in the Himsworth volumes requires first consulting the List of Contents, since although the muniments are numbered serially in tranches, the tranches not arranged in number order in the volumes.

The indexes can be accessed via:

Volume 1 College Index

Volume 2&3 Estates Index

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