Winchester College Estates Himsworth, Vols II and III
Winchester College Muniments: A Descriptive List, Vols II and III, compiled by Sheila Himsworth, Chichester, 1986, cover the estates of the college, which numbered about 60 (29 of which were manors) mainly in Hampshire or on the Isle of Wight, but also in Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, Middlesex and elsewhere. These are invaluable sources for many villages and some towns. After registering to log on with:, the following finding aids may be viewed online Volume II Estates Part 1 Volume III Estates Part 2 Quitclaim re land in Hyde Street WCM no 12112 (1247-63) n.d. Quitclaim: Wymark, dau of Richard Dodemey, to church of Blessed Peter of Hyde, Abbot Roger, and Convent of her interest in Vz tin Hyde St N of place Celerarum considn 2 marks; and quitclaim by Abbot and Convent of 9d rent by which it was held. Wits Edmund Allutar [Cordwainer], Alderman of Hyde St, Master Henry the Mason, William de Sartrine, Thomas le Bracur, John Brun, Thomas Beck, Geoffrey Hachesalt, John Lutre.

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