Series 1: Episode 6 – SeaCity Museum and Tudor House & Gardens, Southampton


In this episode, Daniella talks to Andy Skinner about the SeaCity Museum and Tudor House & Gardens in Southampton, Hampshire. Andy shares his enthusiasm for working in the museum sector, giving an insight into how to engage different audiences, what’s on offer at SeaCity Museum and Tudor House & Gardens, and the importance of museums in society, especially the local community.

Find out more about Andy Skinner and his work on Twitter at @andyvskinner.

You can also find out more about SeaCity Museum and Tudor House on their Facebook and Twitter pages:

SeaCity Facebook:

SeaCity Twitter: @SeaCityMuseum

Tudor House Facebook:

Tudor House Twitter: @TudorHseGarden

Learn more about Southampton Cultural Services on YouTube:

Southampton Cultural Services Learning YouTube Channel: Southampton Cultural Services Learning – YouTube

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