Andrew Burcher

Andrew Burcher

Andrew has always had a passion for history and, in particular, meticulous research into combatants in the Great War. With a professional background in law, as a young outdoor clerk, Andrew became a regular visitor to the Reading Room at Somerset House where his persistence paid off in researching key evidence in cases. Andrew admits that his own genealogy revealed that one of his ancestors was caught ‘borrowing’ a horse in Winchester and shipped out to Botany Bay on the Third Fleet.

A Member of the International Guild of Battlefield Tour Guides and life member of the Last Post Association, Andrew was (pre-pandemic) a regular visitor as a Guide to the Western Front, frequently found conducting motorcycle tours for the more hardy visitor.

As a Legacy Ambassador and Dementia Friend for the Alzheimer’s Society, Andrew is a regular speaker, supporting events for the charity. For Cancer Research UK, Andrew is a Visionary Ambassador and has been involved in significant fundraising opportunities for the Charity and its work at the Francis Crick Institute.

A keen sailor, Andrew is a member of the Royal Southampton Yacht Club where he gave his presentation ‘From medal to the field’ subsequently prompting his involvement with Hampshire Archives Trust.

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