Andover History and Archaeology Society

Launch of the Society’s publication,The Archaeology of Andover

The Andover History and Archaeology Society was formed in 1991 by the union of two much older societies, namely the Andover Archaeology Society,founded in 1965, and the Andover Local History Society, founded in 1979.

The traditions of these societies are continued in promoting an interest in local history and working to preserve and protect features and items of historic and archaeological interest.

AHAS encourages members who have topics they want to study and bring the results of original research to a wide audience through its various publications. Its journal Lookback at Andover was first published in 1990 and appears each year in September.

A programme through the year includes monthly evening meetings with talks on subjects relating to local history or archaeology. The annual commemorative public Dacre Lecture is given by an archaeologist or historian of national standing.

Details of the programme, publications and other activities, plus copies of the Society’s regular Newsletter are shown on its website.

Secretary: Sue McPartlan



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